Competition Registration Form
Sandwich Sensations

Sandwich Sensations : Fresh ideas for sandwiches and wraps
Celebrity Chef Sarab Kapoor : will be the judge of the event
Age: 18 and above
Date: 10th September 2017
Time :4:00pm - 5:00pm

Competition Rules for Sandwich sensations

  1. Pre-registeration is required. Last date of registeration: 6th September 2017
  2. Entries will be limited to first come first serve basis. Only adults can participate
  3. xBring your own bread, pre-cooked items and fillings ingredients & assemble on the spot. Maximum preparation till will be 30 mins
  4. Please note that judges decision will be final
  5. All winners must be present at the prize giving ceremony to qualify for their prizes. Unclaimed prizes at the end of the ceremony will be forfeited. Certificate of participation for all.
  6. No live fire is allowed at the Venue
Score points will be for exotic fusion fillings, eye catching presentation and interesting ingredients.

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